Ensure you have a valid, up to date Will today

Everyone with assets or children should have a Will.

Writing your Will is one of the most important things you can ever do but not everyone in the UK has one. Many people believe that they are too young or that the proccess is too difficult or expensive; all these beliefs are incorrect.

Did you know?

Around 65% of people in the UK do not have a Will

Because making a Will is so important, Will writing is one of our core services. Our team has written thousands for various types of clients and involving various levels of complexity.  All our Wills are drafted and reviewed by highly experienced and qualified legal professionals, providing you with reassurance that they are accurate and legally binding once signed.

We can help you put together a basic Will, and we can advise you on the intricacies of more complex Wills and Will Trusts, in particular: life interest and flexible Life Interest Trusts, Discretionary Trusts, Inheritance Tax and Business Succession Planning Trusts, and trusts for vulnerable beneficiaries.

Making the process comfortable for you

Our aim is to make the process easy, convenient and affordable for you.  We promise that we shall speak to you in plain language avoiding any confusing legal jargon that can surround Wills and Will Trusts. Our fees are fair, fixed and transparent.

Basic is only the beginning

There are many different types depending on your circumstances and wishes. All Wills allow you to nominate executors and guardians of your choice. You can also make specific gifts and distribute your hard earned wealth to your chosen beneficiaries in the proportions that you want. However, a basic Will is usually only a starting point and is probably not enough if you have family and assets. Most people want to ensure that their assets pass down their bloodline and if you feel the same, that is where we can help.

Using Wills to protect your wealth

Your Will can also be used as a financial planning tool to provide you with a degree of protection and certainty that your wishes are respected; this is done by using Will Trusts. Trusts help to protect your assets from numerous threats including re-marriage, Inheritance Tax, vulnerable/means tested benefits, unreliability, financial immaturity and nursing home fees.

We Can Guide You With:

  • Finding the most appropriate solution for your circumstances

  • Completing more complex Wills, for example including trusts

  • Ensuring you understand any legal terms involved

  • Making sure you are confident and happy with the documents you are signing.

Our user-friendly process

Whether you want basic, or something more sophisticated our writing process is designed to ensure that are aware of all your options, including benefits disadvantages and cost.  This allows you to make fully informed decisions about where you want your wealth to go.

Dying without a Will means the law writes yours for you; it is very unlikely to be what you would have wanted, and it can make what is already a difficult time for your family much harder.