We work with Estate Planning and Will Writing Companies with our main objective being to provide them with cost-effective legal services.

Our Aim

We aim to provide the highest and most cost-effective services to any Estate Planning and will writing Companies that we work alongside.

We are always keen to talk to professional partners and we welcome enquiries from all estate planners and will writers. We believe that we can offer a more efficient and cost-effective service than our competitors.

Services we offer

Trust and Deed Drafting

Property Transfers and Land Registry Applications

Oath Preparation

Professional Partners

Much of our business comes from advisers in connected professions such financial advisers and accountants. They recommend us to their clients because we offer a high-quality service, which is both straight-forward and cost-effective.

They support the idea that we place customer service and approachability as a priority, and that we endeavor to build a lasting relationship that benefits all parties.

Why consider using our Trust drafting service?

The principal benefits of using our  services includes: –


  • Carefully designed instructions forms; with detailed attendance notes, making the process of creating a trust as secure as possible from future attacks.

  • Training; initial training and ongoing quarterly training programme that will help you to promote Family Trusts effectively, i.e. for the right reasons and at the right time. Too many estate planners base their sale on long-term care.  This does not work and many firms and individuals will suffer huge negligence claims in the future.

  • Technical support; from two fully qualified STEP members, an accountant and a solicitor, with vast experience.

  • Guaranteed service levels; ensuring prompt and accurate drafting of trusts deeds and Land Registry transfer forms.

  • Service call to clients; to confirm their capacity and reasons for setting up the trust. This is recorded into a file note which is signed off by a STEP qualified solicitor and massively strengthens the ability of estate planner’s ability to successfully defend a claim of deliberate deprivation from a Local Authority in the future.

  • Thorough investigation of title at Land Registry; including client confirmation of title map, identification and removal of any charges, first registrations, leasehold issues, management contracts and other restrictive covenants affecting title. These all need to be dealt with if the transfer into trust is going to be effective and avoid potential charges for various breaches.

  • ID; Proper identification of all parties.

  • ToB; SRA approved Terms of Business.

  • Marketing collateral; we can help with the design and production of “white-labelled” marketing collateral for our estate planning partners.